There’s no doubt that cycling accidents are on the rise in the UK, especially during lockdowns. This article has shared the essential, safe cycling tips to help you stay on the safe side when roaming the streets and off-roads.

Wear Safety Gear

Accidents do happen. It can be your fault or the fault of other road users. You never know when accidents strike, so it’s important to protect yourself always. Make sure to wear basic safety gear, especially a helmet, when riding your bicycle. According to data published by The Bike Storage Company, head injuries account for almost 75% of major cycling injuries.

Follow Road Rules and Regulations

Many cycling accidents arise when cyclists flout the road rules and regulations. Careless riding, ignoring speed limits and road signs, poor turns, and rough riding are among the leading causes of cycling accidents. Make sure to follow all road rules to the latter. You can read all the cycling regulations in the UK as stipulated in The Highway Code.

Keep Your Bike in Good Condition

Lastly, make sure your bike is in good condition always. Besides flouting road rules and reckless driving, driving unserviced and unroadworthy bicycles will risk your safety on the road. Make sure all the moving parts are well lubricated. Also, the brakes should be functioning and appropriately adjusted.

There you have it, folks, three ways to ensure you are safe when cycling. It’s our responsibility to follow all the safety protocols and cycling rules to put an end to cycling accidents.